CREDAI Vadodara is an affiliated body to CREDAI Gujarat, which is an Associate Member of CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India). CREDAI Vadodara was formerly known as The Baroda Land & Building Developers Association having been formed since 1988.

The motive of the forum is to follow ethical practices to maintain honour & dignity and secure trust among customers. The member shall promote highest standard of performance into each aspect of real estate and ensure fair practice. Thus, every member shall discharge his / her responsibility to the community in general.

CREDAI Vadodara was formed in a city of Banyan (Vatdar), once a princely state of Gaekwad and cultural heritage of Gujarat. Since then the city has turned into petrochemical hub, further encompassing pharmaceutical, chemical and engineering industries. Today, it is a truly cosmopolitan city having enormous opportunity for growth.

With its more than 300 energetic and ambitious members, CREDAI Vadodara has extended beyond a forum for real estate developers. It discharges several corporate social responsibilities including skill development, labour welfare and education.

CREDAI is the apex body for private real estate developers in India. It is a knowledge sharing network about the latest industry data, technology advancements and industry benchmarks for its members. Throughout the year, CREDAI organizes several events with leading speakers and thought leaders across industries to share best practices in the fields of technology, construction, finance and others. These events draw thousands of developers from across the country.

CREDAI continues to make a conscious effort in bringing transparency in real estate development and to protect the interest of buyers. It is in this interest, CREDAI has established a Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum in October 2012, where an aggrieved buyer can register a complaint against CREDAI member developer.

By translating investor interest protection into a mechanism, the apex body of real estate developers seeks to resolve consumer complaints expeditiously and promote bestselling practice amongst the developer fraternity. This is the first of its kind initiative, to align the faith of consumers with the member builders, to take up the case of grievances and implement self-regulation of the industry in terms of standards of delivery vis-à-vis commitment among present / prospective buyers, the government and the media.