Sayajinagari, the city of erstwhile ruler Maharaj Sayahirao Gaekwad gave Vadodara its original landmarks and ethos. With multi-ethnic population Vadodara has a very cultural heritage and is also a truly cosmopolitan capital of Gujarat. Today, as the third largest city of Gujarat, the city excels in triple E’s – Education, Engineering and Entertainment. Once a petrochemical hub, turned into Chemical and Pharmaceutical thrive and an Engineering excellence and now a service industry and back office operation hub attracts the best of talent from nation wide. People migrate to the city with an endeavour to fulfil aspirations and ambitions.

With increase in industrial and over all growth and migration into the city, it needs for various realty to house these new entrants and the supporting commercial activities will provide the era in construction for the realty players in Vadodara. The areas of Residential, Commercial, Retail, Townships, Industrial, Farmhouse and Hospitality will need more and investment and projects to cater to such emerging requirements and economic growth.

CREDAI Vadodar, exudes vision for expanding realty & infrastructure sectors at Vadodara, so that it retains its flavor and charm. CREDAI Vadodara in its pursuit of dreaming big for Vadodara invites you to participate in this crusade of DREAM BIG, DREAM VADODARA campaign towards showcasing a future ready Vadodara during the year of Swarnim Gujarat and Vibrant Gujarat Global Investore’ Summit, 2011.